Frank Sinatra
“Here’s to the winners all of us can be”

– Frank Sinatra

This site is dedicated to all the talented people out there in New York’s Capital District, providing them with a place to showcase their work and maybe, just maybe, get a little bit closer to catching that big break. Art of every kind is welcome here – music, paintings, acting, poetry, etc. To display your art on Albany Open Arts, you need three things – a video, a photo, and some text for your profile. Once you have those 3 things ready, simply fill out the form below.

Let's Get it Started...

*1.) Name: (This is the name that will show up as your profile name. Marked #1 on the screenshot below)

*2.) Your Email: (Make sure you type it in correctly!)

*3.) Embed code for your video: (You certify you have the rights to this video)

*5.) Would you like to be a "Featured Artist"? (Featured Artists are diplayed scrolling on the homepage)

*4.) Photo: (190px x 190px please - unless you would like to be a "Featured Artist", in which case the photo can be up to 858px x 277px. If the photo isn't the correct dimensions we'll edit it - but no complaints! Formats allowed - .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png. 1.5MB filesize limit.)

*5.) Profile text: (Limited only by your own creativity. You can add photos and videos and make other edits to this later by making a request in the forum.)

After submitting your information, you will be receiving an email from AlbanyOpenArts.com to confirm your information. Give us a few days to get back to you and please make sure to check your spam folder.

The screenshot below is our attempt to clear up any questions about what goes where. We used Daniel Swartz’s profile as an excellent example of what can be done with yours. (not finished yet, sorry!)